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' From the box of MAC heads'

The long-rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro is due for an imminent release, according to Bloomberg. Mark Gurman reports that Apple could launch the machine as early as tomorrow, with sales immediately kicking off this week
The new MacBook Pro is said to come with a much bigger screen and better keyboard when compared to the last generation MacBook Pro. The upcoming MacBook Pro is expected to come with a big 16-inch screen. Until now we have seen MacBook Pro with 13-inch and 15-inch screen. This means the new MacBook Pro is the biggest Mac Apple has launched so far.
MacBook Pro 16-inch will launch at almost the same price as the 15-inch model that is at $2,399 - translates to around Rs 1,71,973. In India, the MacBook Pro 15-inch is currently selling with a price of Rs 1,99
, 900.

Which language is better....PHP or Node Js?

hey ..I am back with another interesting question....which language is better php or node js.
for understanding this theory you have to first understand the concept of webserver.
What is webserver.....???
webserver is a system which uses https request to perform operations.
let us consider about this ..suppose I have a website like user request any page then first webserver go to open file and then response I think  its clear what is webserver.
now lets consider php and node js.
how does these works.
first consider about php.
php requset pages synchronus type,means it first go to server and open files and then response back
and after that it prepare to handle next requset.
php is slower than node js.
why its slower than node js we will talk about it after understanding concept of node js.
php works on apache web server .php also can run on IIS web server in case of windows machine.
Php is much simpler than node js.

Now consider about Node js.
node js has its own environment.
it uses javascript in backend side so it create its own server.NPM(Node package manager) doesnt need any webserver.
so basically both technology are good but if which language you want to use its depend on your project nature.
if you need centralized server and portablity then use php otherwise if you want speed,real time data and same language across the stack then use node js.
thank you......


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